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The Joshua Book
Seeing the good news in a new light.

Christians of all denominations should enjoy and be enlightened by this, the first in the Joshua Book series. Part history and part theology, the Joshua Book re-introduces the good news of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man to those of the Christian faith who may have grown weary of traditional church teachings.

The Joshua Ascension
The Inner Journey to the Unseen World

Those of Eastern religious backgrounds will find connection here with the carpenter's son who taught a universal faith that has international appeal to Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Hare Krishnas and Sikhs. Concepts of enlightenment, God-consciousness and Maya are discussed in the context of the good news of the family of God.

The Urban Joshua
A Handbook for Spiritual Activists and Active Spiritualists

Modern believers and skeptics will find common ground here in this, the third in the Joshua Book series. The global condition is reviewed in the context of a fresh portrayal of the teachings of Joshua son of Joseph. Materialism, urban poverty and totalitarianism are covered  in order to shed light on the hopeful solution of the religion of Joshua.

from the Joshua Ascension:


Our universe is created by a supernatural being. This being is good, perfect and complete. In fact, this being is so good, perfect and complete it cannot do anything wrong or make a mistake. The staggering size of the universe and the complexity of the life that it contains reveal that this being is incredibly powerful, intelligent and organized with abilities far beyond that of any human being. Though we do not completely comprehend the design of the universe or the being that made it, as we grow and progress we come closer and closer to a better understanding of all these things.

This supernatural being is an eternal being that has neither a beginning nor an end. It has created mortality and mortal beings like us for reasons that may or may not be completely understood in our short lifetime. We can say, however, that in keeping with the nature of this supernatural life-force, the reasons are ultimately good, perfect and complete.

This unfathomable being has been called by many names and titles throughout the ages of man: God, Allah, Yahweh, Ahura-Mazda, Dieu, Great Spirit, Khoda, TanrıHu, Huwa, Parvardigar, Ehyeh, Abaluyia, Basa, Duruma, Ebrié, Bhagavan, Brahma, Ishvara, Waheguru, EkOnkar and many, many other terms of endearment such as Almighty, Incomparable, Gracious, Glorious and Holy.

About 2000 years ago, a man named Joshua ben Joseph taught a way of life based on the relationship between the creator and his creation. Many people followed this man and the way of life he proclaimed. Many were killed for their belief in him. Still others hated Joshua and his followers and refused to follow or listen to his teachings.

It is a profound irony that human beings feel threatened by anyone who advocates peace, love and tolerance of others. And history shows that whenever people are confronted with the words of great teachers they feel obligated to control, contain and confine these words. Human beings are easily threatened by powerful ideas, especially when those ideas involve sharing our planet and its resources, and living a life that is not based on things.


It is also a profound irony that the most courageous people who ever lived were those who taught and lived a simple life of faith, devotion and love of fellow man. Some of the world’s greatest teachers like Lao Tzu, Siddhartha Gautama and even Aristotle and Shakespeare made the history books not because they were great warring conquerors but because they informed the inner man and revealed the hidden truths they had discovered in their pursuit of knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

How strange it is that over the thousands of years of man’s blood-soaked past he has so largely failed to grasp the essential truths of existence and the secrets of life though they are readily available and easily understood.

So it was that 2000 years ago a man named Joshua ben Joseph came to Earth as a stranger and lived and died as one of us. He left behind a powerful legacy that continues to challenge thinking men and women and pave the way for a far better world than the one we currently know.