Joshua ben Joseph

Jesus’ name in Hebrew is Yeshua. Due to the subtleties of translation, the name Yeshua became Iēsoûs in Greek – pronounced Yesu’os. The 'us' was added on in keeping with the custom of the time: as in Marcus or Barnabus. This in turn became Jesus when transliterated into English which is how he is known in the Western world to this day. A much more accurate translation of his name is Joshua. His earthly father's name was Joseph - so he was Joshua ben Joseph - that is Joshua son of Joseph, or Yeshua ben Yesuf in his mother tongue.

This series of books uses the more faithful translation of his name - Joshua ben Joseph. The reason for this departure from the traditional use of the name Jesus is two-fold:

• Firstly, for the simple reason it is closer to the original and a more faithful translation.

• And more importantly, the name Jesus has become somewhat prosaic: it has become the exclusive domain of Christianity and this book is not really intended to promote Christianity but it is rather intended to promote the religion of Joshua.

The time is ripe for a fresh presentation of the message which Joshua ben Joseph gave to the world. In order to aid the reader in looking at Joshua in a different way, it might be helpful to regain a closer approximation of his life and teachings by re-introducing him as Joshua ben Joseph.


This is in no way an attempt to portray a new or different Jesus. Nor is this an attempt to invent a new religion. This series of books is an attempt to portray the original message, or religion, that Joshua proclaimed without the assorted doctrines that have been laid on top of his simple message of brotherly love and Fatherly devotion.